Starbucks in the Ownership Society 1

Starbucks is a great Ownership Society case study highlighted with its announcement this week of a new college tuition assistance program that allows roughly 100,000 US Starbucks employees without college degrees to enroll at Arizona State University on-line and receive 50% of first two year tuition ($6,500 value/year) and

Owning Our Environment by Rethinking Junk Mail 4

Are you bothered by the amount of useless mail order catalogs and junk mail you receive daily? What percent of your mail is junk, @80%?  In 2013, the US Post Office delivered 158.4 billion pieces of mail, generated $67.3 billion revenues, and lost $4.9 billion (US Post Office fast facts, 2013).

Earned Citizenship, Abortion/Right to Life, and Same Sex Marriage Equal Rights Laws 2

Illegal immigration, abortion, and gay marriage are today’s most important and divisive social issues that have materially impacted, if not tipped, national election outcomes back to President Clinton’s 1992 victory.  My recent lengthy email dialogue with Courtney McGuigan, a Chicagoland friend, about abortion and gay marriage made crystal clear

Using The Winning Evolutionary Strategy for Public Policy Making: Expand What Works, Adapt What Doesn’t 2

An objective observer of today’s divisive politics in the Western world would note that Progressivism on the left and social conservatism on the right are ‘failing to launch’ with the center of the electorate that decides elections and sustains viable political movements.  Why?  Both violate our two core natural

A Solution for Income Inequality? Minimum Investment Accounts (MIAs) 0

President Obama and the Democrat Party have bright lined rising income inequality in recent years as their new battle cry for an expanded progressive agenda of more federal spending on new programs such as increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25/hour to $10.00/hour.  This increases income from $14,500 to $20,000/year with

Pope Francis on Inequality & Exclusion from Capitalism: Solution? Golden Rule of Direct Reciprocity 0

Pope Francis oversees a Catholic Church with over 1.2 billion followers worldwide. In his 224 page Evangelii Gaudium published 11/26/13, the Pope equates the inequality and exclusion endemic in a ‘survival of the fittest’ free market system in which ‘the powerful feed upon the powerless’ to an evil like breaking one

Applying the Seattle Seahawks’ Game Plan for America: ‘Caring for the Whole Person’ 2

After winning Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2nd, ESPN’s Steve Young asked Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks coach, the magic behind his football team this year knowing the answer.  Coach Carroll’s response: ‘We try to take care of the whole person’.  Coach Carroll developed this new NFL teaching philosophy

The Fork in America’s Road Forward: Entitlement Society with Perpetual Dependence or Ownership Society with Empowerment & Choice? 1

All Americans can agree that today’s rising income inequality, loss of personal freedom to government power, and fiscal negligence at all levels of government are not sustainable IF we wish to improve the human condition, and enjoy a free democratic society and dynamic job-creating economy.  Americans recognize we have arrived

2014 State of Our Government Dependence: Solution? More Asset Owners 0

Happy New Year to followers of the Ownership Society!  I look forward to a robust year of consensus-building around our three objectives: reduce income inequality, increase personal freedom, and solve the fiscal crisis.  President Obama is expected to bright line income inequality and the lack of economic mobility as

8 Ways To Reclaim the American Dream through Cooperation & Incentives 0

President Obama gave an impassioned 45 minute speech on rising income inequality and reclaiming the American Dream on December 4, 2013.  President Obama Speech on Economic Mobility (12/04/13), (Video: President’s Speech).  The President detailed how several earlier Administrations challenged social and economic discriminatory practices to protect workers and ensure equal