Here is my personal background and Ownership Society story.


  • Born in 1966 and grew up through high school in Wayzata, Minnesota about 15 miles west of Minneapolis.  Married with children living in California today.
  • Attended Princeton University graduating in 1989 with B.A. History and Certificate in Program for Latin American Studies
  • Worked in health care industry since 1989 including:
    1. Investment banking: Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. (1989-1991) as financial analyst;
    2. HMO: CareNetwork, Inc. (1991-1994 sold to Humana) as Director, Corporate Communications;
    3. Physician Practice Management: First Physician Care, Inc. (1994-1998 sold to PhyCor, Inc.) as Vice President, Business Development;
    4. Surgical Supply Chain Software as a Service: viaMD, Inc. (1998-present) as Founder & CEO.
    5. Event-based asset tracking mobile applications: a consumer drug adherence mobile application and a surgical asset tracking application.

Ownership Society History:

  • My Princeton history studies focused on the history of ideas.  These studies heightened my awareness of the philosophical foundation for man’s natural rights, which animated democratic revolutions in the Americas and Europe starting in 1776.
  • Political philosophy: I support public policy that allows people to 1) exercise free choice in all aspects of our lives and 2) own the fruits of our labor, both with minimal government intervention required to defend the territory against enemies foreign and domestic, uphold our laws, and regulate commerce.
  • Fast forward to September 5, 2000 during George Bush- Al Gore Presidential election cycle.  I sent a draft speech called ‘The Ownership Society’ to the Bush-Cheney web site in which I described the philosophical foundation for creating an Ownership Society grounded in man’s natural rights to have free choice and ownership and protection of private property.  My rationale was the GOP claimed it stood for freedom (except social issues..) and opportunity so I would start there.  I never heard back from the campaign.
  • May-July, 2003: On return flight from Europe to Bay Area in late May, 2003, I re-wrote the Ownership Society in the back of a book cover and shared one of my ideas on earned citizenship with a political consultant over dinner north of San Francisco in early June, 2003.  He encouraged me to send my policy ideas in writing.  I prepared a 14-page Ownership America policy framework and emailed it to him July 14, 2003.  In August, 2004, the political consultant told me he had forwarded my policy document to Karl Rove and two party contacts in July, 2003 and the Bush Administration was incorporating the Ownership Society theme and some ideas.  President Bush started using the Ownership Society theme during 2003 and more publicly in 2004 during Presidential campaign.  Fred Barnes asked President Bush and Karl Rove in an interview for his book Rebel in Chief (2006) by Fred Barnes about the source of the Ownership Society idea.  Their response was ‘we don’t know’.  In summary, the Bush Administration never used my Ownership Society framework in full context because several of the policy solutions ran counter to some Republican social positions at the time such as the women’s right to choose and civil unions, or were too aggressive such as the rejuvenation of first time felons.
  • In mid-2000s, I read these evolutionary science books by legendary biologists in the following order: Frank Ryan (Darwin’s Blind Spot), Richard Dawkins (The Selfish Gene), Edward Wilson (The Social Conquest of the Earth), and Martin Nowak (SuperCooperators).  Together, these books made a powerful scientific case for man’s natural rights and ostensibly my Ownership Society philosophy.  In these books, I also discovered the Evolutionarily Stable Strategy Wikipedia scientific theory (‘ESS’) that I believe applies and supports the Ownership Society as our next socio-economic ESS.  As noted in the blog introduction, humans are genetically programmed as part of Darwinian natural selection process (eg ‘the survival of the fittest’) to own all aspects of our lives including the creation and protection of our home and other assets we acquire through our labor.  Cells and all life form act out of self-interest to strengthen their position in a given species. We build homes and acquire property to improve our relative fitness.  In certain social conditions recently defined by Dr. Martin Nowak and confirmed among leading evolutionary dynamics experts, people will cooperate out of enlightened self-interest to achieve their objectives, which may be different but still confer a net gain over the competition alternative.  From 2009-2012, I became convinced that an Ownership Society is man’s missing socio-economic ESS and represents the required next ‘mutation’ of representative democracy as a political ESS and free-market capitalism to ensure all free, productive people can generate maximum taxable wealth and live free of government.  As we see over world history, increasing human dependence on government and redistribution policies predictably erodes freedom, destroys needed wealth creation for prosperity, and ultimately results in civil unrest or revolution.