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Starbucks in the Ownership Society 1

Starbucks is a great Ownership Society case study highlighted with its announcement this week of a new college tuition assistance program that allows roughly 100,000 US Starbucks employees without college degrees to enroll at Arizona State University on-line and receive 50% of first two year tuition ($6,500 value/year) and

2014 State of Our Government Dependence: Solution? More Asset Owners 0

Happy New Year to followers of the Ownership Society!  I look forward to a robust year of consensus-building around our three objectives: reduce income inequality, increase personal freedom, and solve the fiscal crisis.  President Obama is expected to bright line income inequality and the lack of economic mobility as

Remedy Politics 101: CA Gov. Jerry Brown requires charter cities to pay prevailing wage 0

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently highlighted a classic case of what I call ‘Remedy Politics’: special interest groups elect representatives using their democratic power to pass legislation to ‘remedy a wrong’ affecting their group in an expensive win-lose game with the rest of the citizens and taxpayers.  On

Repaying Student Debt/Building Wealth in First Jobs: Health Savings Accounts & ESOP/401(k) 0

What is the solution for: 6.7 million youth disconnected from work and school, official unemployment at 15.6% (for those actively seeking jobs), and student debt now guaranteed by US taxpayers over $1 trillion ($26,000 average/borrower)?¹ 1. Health care consumer responsibility and health savings accounts that permits pre-tax student debt

Revitalizing Lives for Public Housing Residents: Purpose Built Communities.Org 0

Founded in early 1990s, Purpose Built Communities is an amazing community revitalization non-profit organization in Atlanta that has rebuilt and revitalized 8 communities turning around blighted, crime and drug-ridden communities into bustling, safe, and productive living neighborhoods with thriving local businesses.  Given the chance, people are genetically coded to

EDUCATION: Proposed Solution 0

Americans live today in an education discrimination society in which a student can only attend public school where they live.  Many young children are condemned to poor education and challenging life simply by their home address.  Moreover, children with learning differences have to sue their school district in order