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Uber in the Ownership Society 0

Uber’s great success attracting quality drivers rests squarely in leveraging man’s two core natural rights.  Uber drivers can 1) exercise much more free choice in their profession and 2) own 70% more of the fruits of their labor than the legacy highly regulated and controlled tax service model. UberX Customers are rewarded with

Earned Citizenship, Abortion/Right to Life, and Same Sex Marriage Equal Rights Laws 2

Illegal immigration, abortion, and gay marriage are today’s most important and divisive social issues that have materially impacted, if not tipped, national election outcomes back to President Clinton’s 1992 victory.  My recent lengthy email dialogue with Courtney McGuigan, a Chicagoland friend, about abortion and gay marriage made crystal clear

Using The Winning Evolutionary Strategy for Public Policy Making: Expand What Works, Adapt What Doesn’t 2

An objective observer of today’s divisive politics in the Western world would note that Progressivism on the left and social conservatism on the right are ‘failing to launch’ with the center of the electorate that decides elections and sustains viable political movements.  Why?  Both violate our two core natural

Pope Francis on Inequality & Exclusion from Capitalism: Solution? Golden Rule of Direct Reciprocity 0

Pope Francis oversees a Catholic Church with over 1.2 billion followers worldwide. In his 224 page Evangelii Gaudium published 11/26/13, the Pope equates the inequality and exclusion endemic in a ‘survival of the fittest’ free market system in which ‘the powerful feed upon the powerless’ to an evil like breaking one

8 Ways To Reclaim the American Dream through Cooperation & Incentives 0

President Obama gave an impassioned 45 minute speech on rising income inequality and reclaiming the American Dream on December 4, 2013.  President Obama Speech on Economic Mobility (12/04/13), (Video: President’s Speech).  The President detailed how several earlier Administrations challenged social and economic discriminatory practices to protect workers and ensure equal

Failing US Checks & Balance System: Senate Breaks a Near 100 Year Lawmaking Rule on Party Vote 1

Every enduring representative democracy by, of, and for the people operates a critical check & balance system between Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches.  This system is the magic of American democracy and the principal reason for American exceptionalism.  The Constitution afforded a minority congressional party the power to filibuster

Ownership Inequality = Income Inequality: Why Pimco’s Bill Gross Redistribution Argument is All Wrong 0

Bill Gross, Pacific Asset Management, recently wrote in his monthly newsletter that the top 1% of income earners should pay ordinary income rates on capital gains and US companies should be investing in new US plants and hiring US-based labor instead of cutting expenses and investing in stock buy-backs

Central Thesis: The Evolution of an Ownership Society 0

I share relevant evolutionary science to explain world history leading to today’s state and to support my thesis: an Ownership Society represents an evolutionarily stable socio-economic strategy (“ESS”) and is the next mutation of democratic capitalism to complement representative democracy as a proven political ESS.  The achievable goals: reduce income inequality,