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Owning Our Environment by Rethinking Junk Mail 4

Are you bothered by the amount of useless mail order catalogs and junk mail you receive daily? What percent of your mail is junk, @80%?  In 2013, the US Post Office delivered 158.4 billion pieces of mail, generated $67.3 billion revenues, and lost $4.9 billion (US Post Office fast facts, 2013).

Applying the Seattle Seahawks’ Game Plan for America: ‘Caring for the Whole Person’ 2

After winning Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2nd, ESPN’s Steve Young asked Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks coach, the magic behind his football team this year knowing the answer.  Coach Carroll’s response: ‘We try to take care of the whole person’.  Coach Carroll developed this new NFL teaching philosophy

The Fork in America’s Road Forward: Entitlement Society with Perpetual Dependence or Ownership Society with Empowerment & Choice? 1

All Americans can agree that today’s rising income inequality, loss of personal freedom to government power, and fiscal negligence at all levels of government are not sustainable IF we wish to improve the human condition, and enjoy a free democratic society and dynamic job-creating economy.  Americans recognize we have arrived

Guaranteed Good Return Investing in Green: Telecommuter Tax Credit 0

Here’s a Win-Win-Win for employer profitability; employee savings, productivity and happiness; and resource conservation and cleaner air:  telecommuting including a potential federal refundable tax credit if needed to nudge employers to make the move.  The federal government could create a refundable tax credit program (‘Reward Work at Home’) to

Revitalizing Lives for Public Housing Residents: Purpose Built Communities.Org 0

Founded in early 1990s, Purpose Built Communities is an amazing community revitalization non-profit organization in Atlanta that has rebuilt and revitalized 8 communities turning around blighted, crime and drug-ridden communities into bustling, safe, and productive living neighborhoods with thriving local businesses.  Given the chance, people are genetically coded to

HOME: Proposed Solution 0

Many life forms build, own and defend a home/nest/burrow, etc so they can procreate and raise offspring for the next generation.  Our DNA is wrapped in the protective double helix.  Our genes have constructed cellular walls to protect gene function.  We have skin to protect body function.  It’s clear

Welcome to the Ownership Society! 0

My name is Walter Barry and welcome to my non partisan public policy blog, The Ownership Society.  I share solutions to achieve three key objectives necessary for a free, prosperous society: reduce income inequality, protect individual freedom, and achieve fiscal solvency.  I ground the solutions on observed evolutionary science and

Central Thesis: The Evolution of an Ownership Society 0

I share relevant evolutionary science to explain world history leading to today’s state and to support my thesis: an Ownership Society represents an evolutionarily stable socio-economic strategy (“ESS”) and is the next mutation of democratic capitalism to complement representative democracy as a proven political ESS.  The achievable goals: reduce income inequality,