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As the The Evolution of an Ownership Society post argued, people have a natural right to own the fruits of their labor free of government takings as much as possible.  Moreover, ownership is critical to generate wealth, which can be invested and grow on compound annual basis over a productive career.

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Many life forms build, own and defend a home/nest/burrow, etc so they can procreate and raise offspring for the next generation.  Our DNA is wrapped in the protective double helix.  Our genes have constructed cellular walls to protect gene function.  We have skin to protect body function.  It’s clear

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The United States has roughly 12.0 million illegal immigrants.  Over 7.0 million are working in jobs American citizens elected not to take.  Our employment rate remains low by any historical standard.  Every nation is naturally motivated to defend its territories including securing borders against illegal immigration.  That said, prosperous


This blog link covers three critical topics in one: ownership of our personal physical property, respect for productive relationships that support the social fabric, and rejuvenation of incarcerated felons so they can become productive, law abiding, and taxpaying contributors versus tax consumers. People’s right to personal property: the essence

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Health care, along with retirement planning, should be #1 priority for any nation’s current fiscal crisis.  There are powerful market-based solutions to solve the fiscal problem that empower people to exercise their choice and own accountability for their decisions and consumption.  The US national deficit is roughly $1.2 trillion/year

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The United States Social Security system has a $8.6 trillion present value unfunded Social Security liability through 2086 Government Social Security Unfunded Liability: Present Value.  This is equal to 90% of current US GDP and would require each US household to pay $78,000 of after-income.  Remember annual median US household

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Americans live today in an education discrimination society in which a student can only attend public school where they live.  Many young children are condemned to poor education and challenging life simply by their home address.  Moreover, children with learning differences have to sue their school district in order