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The Fork in America’s Road Forward: Entitlement Society with Perpetual Dependence or Ownership Society with Empowerment & Choice? 1

All Americans can agree that today’s rising income inequality, loss of personal freedom to government power, and fiscal negligence at all levels of government are not sustainable IF we wish to improve the human condition, and enjoy a free democratic society and dynamic job-creating economy.  Americans recognize we have arrived

2014 State of Our Government Dependence: Solution? More Asset Owners 0

Happy New Year to followers of the Ownership Society!  I look forward to a robust year of consensus-building around our three objectives: reduce income inequality, increase personal freedom, and solve the fiscal crisis.  President Obama is expected to bright line income inequality and the lack of economic mobility as

Ownership Inequality = Income Inequality: Why Pimco’s Bill Gross Redistribution Argument is All Wrong 0

Bill Gross, Pacific Asset Management, recently wrote in his monthly newsletter that the top 1% of income earners should pay ordinary income rates on capital gains and US companies should be investing in new US plants and hiring US-based labor instead of cutting expenses and investing in stock buy-backs

RETIREMENT: Proposed Solution 0

The United States Social Security system has a $8.6 trillion present value unfunded Social Security liability through 2086 Government Social Security Unfunded Liability: Present Value.  This is equal to 90% of current US GDP and would require each US household to pay $78,000 of after-income.  Remember annual median US household