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Earned Citizenship, Abortion/Right to Life, and Same Sex Marriage Equal Rights Laws 2

Illegal immigration, abortion, and gay marriage are today’s most important and divisive social issues that have materially impacted, if not tipped, national election outcomes back to President Clinton’s 1992 victory.  My recent lengthy email dialogue with Courtney McGuigan, a Chicagoland friend, about abortion and gay marriage made crystal clear

The Fork in America’s Road Forward: Entitlement Society with Perpetual Dependence or Ownership Society with Empowerment & Choice? 1

All Americans can agree that today’s rising income inequality, loss of personal freedom to government power, and fiscal negligence at all levels of government are not sustainable IF we wish to improve the human condition, and enjoy a free democratic society and dynamic job-creating economy.  Americans recognize we have arrived

Remedy Politics 101: CA Gov. Jerry Brown requires charter cities to pay prevailing wage 0

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently highlighted a classic case of what I call ‘Remedy Politics’: special interest groups elect representatives using their democratic power to pass legislation to ‘remedy a wrong’ affecting their group in an expensive win-lose game with the rest of the citizens and taxpayers.  On

The Raging Leviathan: NSA Invasion of Privacy 0

In one jaw-dropping disclosure after another from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the Washington Post story describes how the National Security Agency has been collecting entire user Contact Lists of American citizens stored on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and Hotmail service providers as well as ‘buddy lists’ of favorite

Rejuvenating Tax Consumers to Contributors: Twin Cities RISE! Story 0

Founded by former General Mills executive Steven Rothschild in the mid-90s and run for many years by Art Berman, Twin Cities RISE! (Website) is an innovative vocational training program focusing on rejuvenating former welfare recipients in to productive tax-paying citizens.  Since inception, Mr. Rothschild, Mr. Berman and their financial team


This blog link covers three critical topics in one: ownership of our personal physical property, respect for productive relationships that support the social fabric, and rejuvenation of incarcerated felons so they can become productive, law abiding, and taxpaying contributors versus tax consumers. People’s right to personal property: the essence