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A Tax Plan By, Of, and For The People and Small Business 1

As a fledgling US small business owner at Stinson Orthopedics Inc., (, this tax plan is by, of, and for the American people and job creators.  If enacted, it’s a massive game-changer for job-creating businesses across the country.  Below is an email I sent to our team members reviewing the

Making Sure Every Worker Has a ‘Boat’ for the Rising Tide of Prosperity 6

The intelligentsia is duly concerned with the rising disparity of executive compensation in the United States and western capitalist democracies and supports expensive public company disclosure requirements to report executive versus median worker wage differences as a hopeful nudge to contain executive compensation (September 2013 SEC rule on comparative

Power of Employee Stock Ownership: Recology & Landscape Structures 0

Asset ownership like a home, stocks, bonds, or even stock in the company where you work is a critical part of taxable wealth generation because well managed assets enjoy compound appreciation and allow the owner to hopefully generate more wealth through ongoing work. Employee stock ownership is a fantastic