IMMIGRATION: Proposed Solution

The United States has roughly 12.0 million illegal immigrants.  Over 7.0 million are working in jobs American citizens elected not to take.  Our employment rate remains low by any historical standard.  Every nation is naturally motivated to defend its territories including securing borders against illegal immigration.  That said, prosperous groups and societies welcome people who strengthen the whole through productive work and investment.  Prosperity occurs when investors and workers freely exercise choice and own the fruits of their labor and investment.  Successful immigration occurs when each immigrant can see they can go wherever their character, ingenuity, and hard work can take them.

Many millions are working under false social security numbers.  The United States Social Security Administration has documented $50 billion/year in wages under bad social security numbers and around $7 billion in social security taxes and $1.5 billion in Medicare tax revenue.  These workers are also paying property taxes through rent or possibly home ownership and paying sales taxes like everyone else.  Further, consumers and businesses benefit from these hard workers who wish to share the American Dream.  Consistent with a prosperous nation’s history, we should embrace and reward any hard-working, tax-paying immigrant and be very tough preventing others from entering our country.

Proposed Solution: ‘Dream Card’ Act so any working immigrant who pays all taxes over a 5-year period can apply for formal citizenship.

1. Applicants need to apply at the US immigration office with: counter-signed lease or property title so we know their address and sponsor letter from employer with a verified employer tax ID # in good standing with the IRS.
2. Immigration will verify their backgrounds
3. They have to file state and federal income taxes.  The IRS will notify Immigration if the worker has passed the annual grade for credit to full citizenship.
4.  Employers and immigrants are required to pay federal payroll taxes and the Dream Card immigrant can access Medicaid and public education resources provided space is available after American citizens have applied.
5. After one reporting tax year, these immigrants have the right to send their children to public school through college and can pay the in-state tuition because they have worked and paid their relevant property taxes.

The Dream Card provides a long overdue dignified way to reward hard working, law-abiding, and tax-paying new team members contributing to a stronger society.

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