2014 State of Our Government Dependence: Solution? More Asset Owners 0

Happy New Year to followers of the Ownership Society!  I look forward to a robust year of consensus-building around our three objectives: reduce income inequality, increase personal freedom, and solve the fiscal crisis.  President Obama is expected to bright line income inequality and the lack of economic mobility as

8 Ways To Reclaim the American Dream through Cooperation & Incentives 0

President Obama gave an impassioned 45 minute speech on rising income inequality and reclaiming the American Dream on December 4, 2013.  President Obama Speech on Economic Mobility (12/04/13), (Video: President’s Speech).  The President detailed how several earlier Administrations challenged social and economic discriminatory practices to protect workers and ensure equal

AP News Comment: Expanding Ownership, not Raising Minimum Wage, Is Key to Reduce Income Inequality 1

AP writer Chris Rugaber reports today that a majority of 36 interviewed economists by the Associated Press last week say rising stock market gains and compensation are accruing to the top 20% income earners and therefore the economy does not have as many potential spenders to support economic growth.

Making Sure Every Worker Has a ‘Boat’ for the Rising Tide of Prosperity 6

The intelligentsia is duly concerned with the rising disparity of executive compensation in the United States and western capitalist democracies and supports expensive public company disclosure requirements to report executive versus median worker wage differences as a hopeful nudge to contain executive compensation (September 2013 SEC rule on comparative

Failing US Checks & Balance System: Senate Breaks a Near 100 Year Lawmaking Rule on Party Vote 1

Every enduring representative democracy by, of, and for the people operates a critical check & balance system between Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches.  This system is the magic of American democracy and the principal reason for American exceptionalism.  The Constitution afforded a minority congressional party the power to filibuster

The Fed Quantitative Easing: Enriching Wall Street, not Empowering Main Street 2

Andrew Huszar, the former head of the Federal Reserve bond buying program, wrote an honest mea culpa opinion piece acknowledging that the Fed’s $3.578 trillion bond buying program was a Wall Street bail out and did nothing to stimulate the private economy.  The program simply lowered the banks’ cost

Honoring Our Veterans’ Sacrifices with Fiscally Responsible Representative Government 3

Our Veterans’ enduring sacrifices to defend our liberty, free choice, and opportunity inspire and demand a concomitant sacrifice from the American people to solve our nation’s fiscal irresponsibility.  Reflect a minute on the millions of US war veterans’ sacrifices as noted: Continental Army brutal winter in Valley Forge (1777-1778);

Ownership Inequality = Income Inequality: Why Pimco’s Bill Gross Redistribution Argument is All Wrong 0

Bill Gross, Pacific Asset Management, recently wrote in his monthly newsletter that the top 1% of income earners should pay ordinary income rates on capital gains and US companies should be investing in new US plants and hiring US-based labor instead of cutting expenses and investing in stock buy-backs

Remedy Politics 101: CA Gov. Jerry Brown requires charter cities to pay prevailing wage 0

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently highlighted a classic case of what I call ‘Remedy Politics’: special interest groups elect representatives using their democratic power to pass legislation to ‘remedy a wrong’ affecting their group in an expensive win-lose game with the rest of the citizens and taxpayers.  On

The Raging Leviathan: NSA Invasion of Privacy 0

In one jaw-dropping disclosure after another from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the Washington Post story describes how the National Security Agency has been collecting entire user Contact Lists of American citizens stored on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and Hotmail service providers as well as ‘buddy lists’ of favorite