Guaranteed Good Return Investing in Green: Telecommuter Tax Credit 0

Here’s a Win-Win-Win for employer profitability; employee savings, productivity and happiness; and resource conservation and cleaner air:  telecommuting including a potential federal refundable tax credit if needed to nudge employers to make the move.  The federal government could create a refundable tax credit program (‘Reward Work at Home’) to

Rewarding Long-Term Stock Ownership: Fixing Stock Option Tax Treatment 0

Sean Parker, Facebook’s first President, offered David Choe, a painter, stock instead of cash to paint the walls of Facebook’s first corporate office in Palo Alto.  At the IPO, David’s stock was worth over $150 million.  As this NY Times article recounts: We need a nation of David Choes 🙂

Repaying Student Debt/Building Wealth in First Jobs: Health Savings Accounts & ESOP/401(k) 0

What is the solution for: 6.7 million youth disconnected from work and school, official unemployment at 15.6% (for those actively seeking jobs), and student debt now guaranteed by US taxpayers over $1 trillion ($26,000 average/borrower)?¹ 1. Health care consumer responsibility and health savings accounts that permits pre-tax student debt

Rejuvenating Tax Consumers to Contributors: Twin Cities RISE! Story 0

Founded by former General Mills executive Steven Rothschild in the mid-90s and run for many years by Art Berman, Twin Cities RISE! (Website) is an innovative vocational training program focusing on rejuvenating former welfare recipients in to productive tax-paying citizens.  Since inception, Mr. Rothschild, Mr. Berman and their financial team

Revitalizing Lives for Public Housing Residents: Purpose Built Communities.Org 0

Founded in early 1990s, Purpose Built Communities is an amazing community revitalization non-profit organization in Atlanta that has rebuilt and revitalized 8 communities turning around blighted, crime and drug-ridden communities into bustling, safe, and productive living neighborhoods with thriving local businesses.  Given the chance, people are genetically coded to

Power of Employee Stock Ownership: Recology & Landscape Structures 0

Asset ownership like a home, stocks, bonds, or even stock in the company where you work is a critical part of taxable wealth generation because well managed assets enjoy compound appreciation and allow the owner to hopefully generate more wealth through ongoing work. Employee stock ownership is a fantastic

WORK: Proposed Solution 0

As the The Evolution of an Ownership Society post argued, people have a natural right to own the fruits of their labor free of government takings as much as possible.  Moreover, ownership is critical to generate wealth, which can be invested and grow on compound annual basis over a productive career.

HOME: Proposed Solution 0

Many life forms build, own and defend a home/nest/burrow, etc so they can procreate and raise offspring for the next generation.  Our DNA is wrapped in the protective double helix.  Our genes have constructed cellular walls to protect gene function.  We have skin to protect body function.  It’s clear

IMMIGRATION: Proposed Solution 0

The United States has roughly 12.0 million illegal immigrants.  Over 7.0 million are working in jobs American citizens elected not to take.  Our employment rate remains low by any historical standard.  Every nation is naturally motivated to defend its territories including securing borders against illegal immigration.  That said, prosperous


This blog link covers three critical topics in one: ownership of our personal physical property, respect for productive relationships that support the social fabric, and rejuvenation of incarcerated felons so they can become productive, law abiding, and taxpaying contributors versus tax consumers. People’s right to personal property: the essence