HEALTH CARE: Proposed Solution 0

Health care, along with retirement planning, should be #1 priority for any nation’s current fiscal crisis.  There are powerful market-based solutions to solve the fiscal problem that empower people to exercise their choice and own accountability for their decisions and consumption.  The US national deficit is roughly $1.2 trillion/year

RETIREMENT: Proposed Solution 0

The United States Social Security system has a $8.6 trillion present value unfunded Social Security liability through 2086 Government Social Security Unfunded Liability: Present Value.  This is equal to 90% of current US GDP and would require each US household to pay $78,000 of after-income.  Remember annual median US household

EDUCATION: Proposed Solution 0

Americans live today in an education discrimination society in which a student can only attend public school where they live.  Many young children are condemned to poor education and challenging life simply by their home address.  Moreover, children with learning differences have to sue their school district in order

Welcome to the Ownership Society! 0

My name is Walter Barry and welcome to my non partisan public policy blog, The Ownership Society.  I share solutions to achieve three key objectives necessary for a free, prosperous society: reduce income inequality, protect individual freedom, and achieve fiscal solvency.  I ground the solutions on observed evolutionary science and

Central Thesis: The Evolution of an Ownership Society 0

I share relevant evolutionary science to explain world history leading to today’s state and to support my thesis: an Ownership Society represents an evolutionarily stable socio-economic strategy (“ESS”) and is the next mutation of democratic capitalism to complement representative democracy as a proven political ESS.  The achievable goals: reduce income inequality,